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Massage envy , Expert about B2B setapak

Massage Service KL. Kuala Lumpur Health Spa, Malaysia. Only 69 product service. SPA service massage envy

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Rates As Below 30min(MYR 149) 45min(MYR 190) 1 Hour(MYR230)

(A) Premier SVC 12H MYR 1600

(B) Deluxe SVC 10H MYR 1200

(C) Superior SVC 8H MYR 950

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Service Scope: Thailand, Vietnam, service, delivery service

Service location: Setapak, Wenliang Port, Kuala Lumpur (please add WhatsApp to ask for the correct address)

Working hours: Daily 12:00PM -2.00AM

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B2B Massage

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